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Everything you need to know about SEO

Let’s admit it, Digital Marketing has exponentially boosted multiple businesses (regardless of their nature) in very record times, compared to not too long ago, when it was taking decades to build reputation. With faster than ever business opportunities growth, an immense role is playing SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions led to improving visibility and findability of web pages, leading to increased quantity and quality web traffic. While it is mainly focused on what people are searching for, their search intent, and results relevancy, it still must comply and satisfy the major search engines requirements (algorithms).

A Search Engines is, by definition, a software system designed to search for specific information online and provide results as relevant to the search query as possible. As these systems are always evolving in order to better understand the search intent, the optimization process also requires changes.

Why SEO?

Despite the fact that paid advertising attracts traffic to web pages, the real force is behind the Organic search results, which drives over 80% of all attention, therefore the need to optimize the Online presence is critical. Even more, most of the clicks is done on the first page of results, hence it is considered the “Holy Grail” of Digital Marketing.

In addition to having higher ROI (Return on Investment) than paid advertising, it is way more trustworthy and really a long-term investment. By providing clear, engaging and relevant content to web visitors, SEO helps targeting the ideal audiences, and promote the brand awareness.

Among multiple benefits of Search Engine Optimization, worth mentioning here are the following:

  • Improve Search Result Ranking. And when consistently done correctly, eventually any business could be listed on first page on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. 
  • Increase Targeted Audience. It’s a fact, that “solution” addressed to audience who has zero to very low interest.
  • Increase Return on Investment. 
  • Increase Brand Awereness.
  • Impact Lives through powerful Education

How is SEO performed?

Before anything, the structure of SEO consists of few essential pillars; these pillars, when continuously optimized, will drive more traffic, generate more leads and ultimately achieve the desired goals.

  • Website’s Technical Elements (or Technical SEO). It refers to technical part that helps search engines to find the information located on the website. So, the faster and easier to read it is (for search crawlers), the higher it will rank on result pages.
  • Website Functionality and User Experience. It is essential for a visitor to be able to navigate with ease the website and find answers, products or solutions they are looking, while making sure the web pages are visually appealing.
  • Content Marketing. As the name itself whispers, it is a marketing technique based on creating content, like – videos, educational articles, webinars, etc., addressed to specific target audience, that will ultimately influence to take certain actions. In includes the ability and expertise in  keyword research, content writing, links creation, social media marketing,  
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