Check your Website for SEO Compliance

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These are the factors to learn about when investing in SEO.

Check your Website for SEO Compliance

In this digital age, it is quite safe to say many things have now been automated and can be done online. For over a decade, SEO has been one of the various possible ways to boost your sales using the internet. Let’s get more specific. What is SEO? It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.


SEO is a form of digital marketing that is aimed at increasing the online presence and visibility of a website to the visitors of a particular search engine, thereby increasing the traffic quantity and quality of the website. Now, something worthy of note from that definition is that having a website for your business or industry is quite essential.

The importance of a website for any business can’t be undermined. The website helps to create awareness of your business to people who transact online most times (apart from the apparent purpose of marketing). With the increased traffic SEO brings, this increases the chances of getting more customers for your business.

To carry out a successful SEO marketing for your business, the various points listed below are quite significant:

1. Keyword Research

This research is very vital to your SEO activities’ success. If done correctly, it will really help in increasing the chances of achieving increased online visibility. What are the keywords?

Let’s employ an illustration to describe this. When searching for a particular thing online, there are some particular words that give meaning to your question or search query. Without them, the search engine will not give the answers you seek. These words are keywords. When designing a website or writing articles to post on your website, these keywords are very essential and must be included.

This will help to increase the chances of your website getting displayed on the first page of the search result. It is not news that most people find all the answers they want on the first page of the search result.

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2. Content Optimization

Just as the name implies, this basically involves increasing the value of the content on your website. However, it doesn’t entail only that. It even involves the minor details such as improving the performance (speed) and the attractiveness of the website. The attention span of internet users nowadays is quite short. They want answers very fast.

Simply put, your website should be able to provide information and solution that people need and at the same time make them want to get that solution from you in exchange for money. Another thing people look out for is the uniqueness. If your website provides information that is not found anywhere else, they’ll definitely come back for more.

3. Website Design

The layout and attractiveness of your official website also give a lasting impression to first time users. A colorful website will be more attractive compared to a dull one. Also, the ease of use and availability of information on your website is quite essential.

A website that is so easy to operate will be more welcoming to users than one that displays all kinds of technical issues. All these qualities should be incorporated when designing an official website.

4. Local SEO

If you own a local business (your business is only situated in one location), then this is the type of SEO you should invest in. Some searches deal with localities only (e.g., best restaurants in Boston). If your business is in this locality, you’ll want to be on top of that search. Local SEO helps you achieve this goal.

Other ways to boost your business’s local SEO is by including your business on local listings such as Google My Business and including your name, phone numbers, and business address on local directories.

5. On-Site SEO

This basically deals with improving elements on your website to conform with the keywords from top search queries on the internet. A report from Google on how search reports work shows that if the content on your website matches precisely with the keywords of the search in question, then it is likely to be ranked higher (this is just one of several factors considered).

6. Technical SEO

This involves improving the technical aspects of your websites, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl your websites and include it in their indexing. Some essential technical attributes considered include:

  1. The speed of the website: How fast you can scroll through pages of a website is a huge factor in determining if you’ll want to revisit the website. If the pages are taking too long to load, you’ll definitely look for faster alternatives.
  2. Structured data: It is not enough that a website gives useful information, it must also be structured and easy to find. This will also help search engines understand your website better, thus improving your ranking.
  3. Dead links: If your website has too many faulty links, it will be recognized for this error by search engines. This will have a subsequent effect on online rankings.

These are examples of technical elements (among others) that should be considered when designing and optimizing your website.

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7. Link Building

 This involves the usage of links to connects web pages either on your website or other sites. The type of links on your website is one of the factors considered by search engines to determine rankings.

8. Business Listing Management

Just as mentioned earlier in the local SEO segment, including your business in listings (both local and international) will help increase your online visibility and boost the traffic to your website.

All the points listed are essential in your SEO checklist for this year. If your goal is to expand your online presence, then our digital marketing agency is committed to making your goals a reality, and we will provide the best marketing tools to help expand your business.

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